Romeo and Juliet: kudos and quibbles

Romeo and Juliet in the cemetery. Appropriate setting, no? It’s the annual Shakespeare-in-the-Park production of Repercussion Theatre in its Montreal premier at Mt Royal Cemetery. A few hundred of us are gathered on lawn chairs and blankets with baguettes and wine, anticipating this most cherished of love-you-to-death stories. In the capable hands of Amanda Kellock, who has done the Bard…

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A Most Privileged Buyer (in a Cellar)

Indefatigable. The word has fallen into disuse, probably because it’s unpronounceable. So let’s find another one. Like scintillating. My companion kept repeating it last Saturday: scintillating. We were trying to describe the one-man, one-act, 75-minute play from Brave New Productions, by Jonathan Tolins, featuring Donald Rees declaiming like a gay Robin Williams. (You know that manic stream-of-consciousness that takes off…

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What better way to celebrate summer— especially for lovers of English lit— than Shakespeare in the park (SITP)? At Jarry Park on a Sunday evening, SITP seems custom-made for reaffirming Canada’s heritage as well as diversity, and enjoying some live entertainment under the stars. Although they can be challenging for actors and audience, Shakespeare’s comedies are loaded with larky, cheeky…

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The Lyric Theatre: Hello Broadway … sends you home humming

Hello Broadway Lyric Theatre

The Lyric Theatre presented its spring production, Hello Broadway, before a full house at the DB Clarke Theatre at Concordia University on June 15, 16 and 17. At least in this musical revue of Broadway hits, the 52-year-old community theatre company combined the energy of an entity half its age with the spit and polish of a professional troupe. With…

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Un concert réussi au Festival Classica pour Xavier Brossard-Ménard

Festival Classica

Les Rugissants est un choeur a capella de solistes dirigés par Xavier Brossard-Ménard. Leur concert, présenté au Festival Classica, a été organisé autour de la lettre B, de Bach à Blegnet, Segnet par Grieg (s’entend que le thème B ait été librement observé). Les moments de musique contemporaines comprenaient les éternels favoris soit Habanera tiré du Carmen de Bizet (interrompu…

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